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I am passionate about great character animation so for my submission I wanted to create a run and jump sequence for my submission, inspired by Lara Croft’s mega jumps. The animation will be energetic with a dark setting like a cavern or cluster of rock formations. The model I am be using is the Bonnie Rig and I’ll be creating the animation in Maya. I am familiar with the character rig for this model and the clothing of the model fits in with the explorer type character I had in mind for this project. 

This project has given me the opportunity to showcase my character animation skills as well as the chance to be more ambitious with the character movements. I feel my final animation flows well and the character has appropriate weight throughout. I ended up not creating the forward roll aspect of the landing sequence. This was due to the character rig not being able to bend and tuck into the roll without a considerable amount of distortion, any corrections of this made the animation prior to this part of the sequence seem jerky. Therefore, to maintain the flow of the animation I instead had the character stumble forward under the impact of landing and catch themselves before fully falling forward.

The lighting in the scene works really well, dark enough to add to the cavern feel with enough light to clearly see the character’s face and movements. 


Yahni_Carson_SFAS.zip 272 MB

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